Experience teaches that many Christians do not know how to do evangelism. Many theological colleges tend at best to talk about evangelism rather than train their students (future clergy and ministers) in how to do evangelism.

Consequently, many ministers at best urge their congregations to witness to others but don’t tell them how to do it.  

This section includes some general evangelistic articles, some of them seasonal, which are written for the person who does not attend church.

The booklet What is a Christian anyway? was written to help churchmembers deepen their own faith or, in some cases, actually come to saving faith – as opposed to rather general faith in the existence of God who might answer prayers for help. My motive in saying this is not judgmental (I find those who readily judge if other people are “saved” or not unhelpful) but pastoral: it is still the case that significant numbers who attend church are not born again. They are involved in “Churchianity” rather than true Christianity. I don’t criticise them but feel for them. They are missing out on the real thing – a personal relationship with Jesus. This booklet could help such people. 

We have also found that the Called to Serve course has helped churchmembers clarify their faith, or, in some cases, come to faith. 

The leaflet “How can I witness to others” is very brief and very simple. But I believe it can help ordinary Christians to know how to approach their friends and neighbours and to know what to say. If you want more in-depth articles about Salvation, Justification etc., they are elsewhere on this website. However the latter are teaching resources for Christians, not evangelistic resources.

Please also see “A Certain Hope”.

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Articles are arranged according to subject and to whether they are:
1. Short popular articles for the general reader
2. Longer popular articles for the general reader
3. More academic articles where relevant

What is Christianity all about?

Short popular article for those interested in Christianity but wondering if it is true

Teaching about What a Christian is 

Short popular booklet for the general reader.

Teaching about Witnessing

Short popular article for the general reader.

Evangelistic articles

Short popular articles for the general reader.