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This section of the website deals with controversial and denominational matters in the church. Having become deeply concerned about the development of doctrinal and moral compromise in the Church of England, Tony founded Action for Biblical Witness to our Nation (ABWON) in 1984. Initially ABWON witnessed to the truth of the Virgin Birth and Bodily Resurrection of Christ when David Jenkins became Bishop of Durham and denied the former and cast doubts on the latter.  It also took up the issues of Church toleration of sexual immorality; and interfaith worship which undermined the uniqueness of the person of Christ.  Tony’s second book Our God Reigns dealt with these and other issues.  

Tony was an elected member of the Church of England General Synod from 1985 until 1999. In 1987 his private member’s motion led to General Synod reaffirming (by a 98% majority) traditional and biblical views on sexuality. He wrote articles, and for many years wrote a regular opinion column in the “New Christian Herald”.  He was re-elected (with greater support) to the Synod in 1990 and even greater support in 1995.  He was often approached by the U.K. media (press, radio and T.V.) to comment on matters of Christian concern.

He also campaigned on the issue of interfaith worship which undermined the uniqueness of the person of Christ (see the Interfaith section of this website).

In 1997 Tony circulated all 10,000 English clergy with a Study Guide for Leaders and a popular Study Course for churchmembers on the subject of homosexuality. He suggested wording for motions on the issue which parishes could pass and send to their archbishop, bishops and General Synod representatives.

Then In 1998 Tony wrote a book Prophesy! about this experience and the lessons he had learnt from his 14 years of outspoken “prophetic” ministry within the Church of England.

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Articles are arranged according to subject and to whether they are:
1. Short popular articles for the general reader
2. Longer popular articles for the general reader
3. More academic articles where relevant

Teaching about Baptism 

Short popular articles for the general reader.

Teaching about the Church of England 

Short popular booklet for the general reader.
Short popular article for the general reader.

Teaching about Evangelicalism

Short popular article for the general reader.
Long popular article for the general reader.

Teaching about Liberalism

Short popular article for the general reader.

(See the books in this and the Interfaith section for more about Liberalism)

Teaching about Homosexuality

Note: We are called to love our neighbour and that includes our homosexual neighbour. If we do not love our homosexual neighbour we are being sinful. We are to love our neighbour but that doesn’t mean loving his/her wrong behaviour. The old saying is relevant: “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” And that applies to all sinners, including sexual sinners – heterosexual or homosexual. I address the subject, not because it is the only sin or the worst sin facing the church, neither because of any hang-up about God’s wonderful gift of sexuality, but because it is strategically important. It is the sin the church is beginning to justify, with dire consequences. The basic issue is whether homosexual practice is God’s will for human beings. I conclude that the Bible says it isn’t. You can read my detailed reasons for this conclusion in the first three articles below.

Longer popular articles for the general reader


Christians at the Crossroads (pdf)
by Patricia Higton 

Chapter headings:

  • Revival or judgment
  • New Age deceit
  • Evangelical compromise
  • Experience-centred Renewal
  • Parting of the Ways (the interfaith issue)
  • God and the Nations (God’s dealings with the nations, including Israel)
  • Prophecy and the Last Days

Our God Reigns (pdf)
by Tony Higton

Chapter headings: 

  • Part I: God’s Sovereignty in Revelation:
    the God who intervenes; the God who speaks
  • Part II: God’s Sovereignty in Creation:
    the God who created; the undermining of human dignity
  • Part III: God’s Sovereignty in Salvation:
    the historicity, person and work of Christ; interfaith issues
  • Part IV: God’s Sovereignty in the Church:
    characteristics of the local church: obedience and holiness, power and praise, prayer and discernment, commitment to one another, commitment to mission 
  • Part V:  God’s Sovereignty in Judgment:
    the kindness and sternness of God, church discipline, teaching on Judgment.

Prophesy! (pdf)
by Tony Higton

Chapter headings: 

  • A prophetic call
  • Outgrowing the Nice Guy Syndrome (including the sternness of Jesus at times)
  • Communicating the Prophetic Word (including issues taken up in ABWON and General Synod)
  • Discerning Prophetic Issues (how to exercise a prophetic ministry, avoiding pitfalls).
  • Prophesying in Faith (preparing to exercise a prophetic ministry).
  • ‘Prophetic’ Deviations – The Doom and Gloom Brigade (love, negativism, judgmentalism).
  • Pitfalls – The Flight of the Foo-Foo Bird (separation, “pure church syndrome”, legalism, mercy)