Christian Teaching

Welcome to the Christian Teaching Resource. Tony and Patricia Higton aim to provide a wide selection of practical, user-friendly resources for clergy, ministers and lay folk which may be downloaded and used free of charge (see conditions for reproduction). Most of them are at popular level but some are a little more academic. They are developed from over 50 years experience of ordained ministry in the Church of England, and of ministering to hundreds of churches of various denominations.

The material on this website is divided by theme, listed in the links above but also in the ‘themes’ menu at the top of the page. (You can also look for blog posts by category, using the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.)

It is also divided into different types of material, aimed at different readerships:

  • Short popular articles for the general reader. These are also suitable for reproducing in church and other magazines;
  • Longer popular articles for the general reader. Some of these may also be suitable for reproducing* in church and other magazines;
  • Books for the general reader. Two of them are workbooks which can be copied* and used in discussion groups;
  • More academic articles suitable for reproducing* in more educational magazines; and
  • Sermons audio and written.

You can also find information on Tony’s other activities: the Network for Revival, and Paradox Ministries (focused on Israel and the Middle East).