Network for Revival

As well as working on the Christian teaching materials provided on this website, Tony Higton runs the Network for Revival website. ‘Revival’ doesn’t simply mean a renewal experience or even a series of evangelistic meetings. Rather, it means a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit bringing a profound sense of the presence of God, both in the community and the church, bringing Christians to deeper holiness and large numbers of unbelievers to faith.

Here, briefly, are the main reasons for praying and preparing for Revival:

  1. God’s name is being dishonoured by our increasingly godless societies in the West. We need Revival.
  2. The Cross and the immense suffering of Jesus for the salvation of humanity are being ignored. We need Revival.
  3. The majority of people out there are on the broad road that leads to destruction. We need Revival.
  4. Evangelism is very important and should be a priority for all of us. But evangelism is not enough. We also need a great outpouring of God’s Spirit in Revival.
  5. God’s name is being dishonoured by failing and dying churches. We need Revival.

For more information, please visit the Network for Revival website.