Why Go to Church?

“I don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.” Many people say this, but the Bible teaches that being involved in the church is an essential part of being a Christian. 

To be a Christian is to follow Christ and he set us the example of going to church (called synagogue in those days) each week. If Jesus believed that going to church was so important, surely his followers should follow his example.

Also when we are baptised we are baptised into the Body of Christ – the Church. So true Christians belong bto the church. But what about church attendance? It is important:

For corporate worship and prayer

Our highest duty is to worship God and pray to him.

For teaching

To be a good Christian it is important to benefit from the Bible teaching ministry of the church. The Christian Faith describes such teaching as being like food. If you don’t receive that teaching regularly your faith doesn’t develop and can easily deteriorate or even die. To get good teaching is essential to being a Christian. Find a church where there is good, interesting teaching from the Bible.

For encouragement

We all have ups and downs in our spiritual lives. And we all need the encouragement of other Christians. Just being part of a group of like-minded people, who share the same faith, is encouraging. But private encouragement, advice and, if necessary, prayer is also available in the fellowship of the church, whether from the Minister or from a Christian friend.

For Communion

Jesus encouraged us to take the bread and wine in Communion regularly This is not just a ceremony or visual aid of Jesus’ death (the wine representing his shed blood and the broken bread his broken body). When we take the bread and wine in faith something supernatural happens within us, whether we feel it or not. We are strengthened spiritually and brought closer to Christ. We are made a little more like Jesus and empowered to live our lives for him.

These are just a few reasons why it is important to get involved in the church. Search around for a church that really suits you. If the first one you go to doesn’t do much for you, try another one. However it can be important to support your local church.

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