The doctrine of the End Times (Eschatology) includes the Return of Christ, the end of the world, judgment heaven and hell. Many Christians neglect the subject for various reasons:

  • They are almost exclusively focused upon current events and activities.
  • They don’t like thinking about death.
  • They are afraid of thinking about the End Times (which are difficult to imagine anyway).
  • They feel the return of Christ won’t happen in their lifetime because, after all, people have thought the End was near down through the centuries.
  • They are confused and put off by the strange, frightening symbolism of the Book of Revelation. 
  • They are put off by people, including Christians, who have extreme – even crazy – views on the subject.  
  • They may have no assurance of eternal life (for themselves or deceased loved-ones), but rather a vague hope.
  • They have little awareness of accountability to God and the idea of judgment worries them.
  • They find the idea of Jesus literally returning to earth somewhat unbelievable.

Yet teaching on the End Times (Eschatology) is important:

  • It makes up some 9% of the New Testament, which is a very significant proportion.
  • The New Testament teaches that we should be living in the light of the End Times.
  • It is important that the Christian community has an informed hope, instead of the current ignorance or fear, and conveys a message of hope.
  • It is important that the Christian community has a proper sense of accountability to God including an awareness of the last judgment.

It is because of this that we have created this section of the website to help Christians begin to face up to and benefit from this important area of teaching.

When asked about the signs of his coming and the end of the age, Jesus told his disciples to take note of the “beginning of the birth pains [of Messiah]” (Matt 24). These are early, recurring signs – rather like signposts on a motorway, each one closer to the destination. He specified wars and rumours of wars, famine, earthquakes, pestilences, persecution, apostasy, false messiahs, false prophets, worldwide evangelism, “fearful events and great signs from heaven.” So, Jesus wants us to note the often negative trends and events in society and the world which point towards his return. The articles listed here include detailed updates on such trends and events in society and the world, which are informative in themselves quite apart from their eschatological significance

Please also see “A Certain Hope“.

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Maranatha Network

In addition to the materials listed below, please also read the information on the ‘Maranatha Network’, which exists to help Christians obey the Lord’s command to keep watch for his Return.

Eschatology Resources

The resources on this page fall into two parts. Living in the Light of the End is a new, comprehensive resource, which covers the whole range of biblical teaching on the End Times and relates extensively to current events and trends.

The remaining articles are older material, arranged according to subject and to whether they are:
1. Short popular articles for the general reader
2. Longer popular articles for the general reader
3. More academic articles where relevant

Living in the Light of the End

Living in the Light is available in two versions: full and summary.

This version is a longer, more detailed and academic version with footnotes, covering the whole range of biblical teaching on eschatology (Doctrine of the End Times). It is an attempt to take a balanced view of biblical teaching in an area which is often subject to unreliable interpretations. More material will be added from time to time.

The short version is a less detailed version suitable for the general reader. It covers the whole range of biblical teaching on eschatology. More material will be added from time to time.

Both versions cover the following topics:

  • The importance of eschatological thinking
  • A proper approach to the subject
  • Interpreting Scripture
  • The ‘Now’ and the ‘Not Yet’ and the dual reference of prophecy
  • Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 24
  • The signs of the end (wars, famines, earthquakes, pestilences)
  • Will there be a sudden, secret ‘rapture’ of believers to heaven?
  • Further signs of the End (persecution, worldwide evangelism, turning away from the faith, the return of the Jews to Israel)
  • The “Great Tribulation” and the Antichrist
  • Secular Eschatology – what secular scholars are prediction about the future of the world
  • The Battle of Armageddon
  • Cosmic signs
  • Old Testament eschatology
  • The return of Christ
  • Will there be a literal Millennium?
  • End Times judgment
  • Approaching death
  • Resurrection
  • The destruction of the world
  • The truth about Hell
  • The hope of Heaven
  • Understanding the Book of Revelation
  • Islam in the End Times

Teaching about Eschatology in General 

Short popular articles for the general reader.

Teaching about the Signs of the End Times

More academic article
Longer popular papers for the general reader
Short popular articles for the general reader

Teaching about Different Views of the Millennium

More academic articles

Teaching on the Book of Revelation

Longer popular course for the general reader

Teaching on Judgment 

Short popular articles for the general reader.

Teaching on Heaven

Short popular articles for the general reader.
More academic article

Teaching on Living in the Light of the End

Short popular articles for the general reader.

For further information on the eschatological significance of Israel see the following articles: 

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Life After Life: For Humanity and Planet Earth
by Patricia Higton

Chapter headings:

  • Chapter 1: What on Earth will happen?
  • Chapter 2: Is there life after life?
  • Chapter 3: Is hell out of date?
  • Chapter 4: Will Jesus ever return?
  • Chapter 5: Will there be another Millennium? 
  • Chapter 6: Does the Old Testament shed light on the future? 
  • Chapter 7: Does modern Israel figure in God’s future purpose?
  • Chapter 8: Can Revelation be revealed?
  • Chapter 9: Can ‘The Last Things’ be summarised? (Including New Testement overview)
  • Chapter 10: Is being heavenly-minded any earthly use?