The Silent Power of God

All around us, in spite of the temperatures, Spring is breaking out. The miracle of re-creation is happening after the dark days of Winter. On countless billions of twigs and shoots a powerful life-force is in operation. Microscopic buds are developing into beautifully formed leaves and flowers. New life is breaking out all over.

However this tremendous power is not heralded by fanfares and the noise of cosmic machinery. It happens almost imperceptibly, but with dramatic effects.

It’s the same with the resurrection. There was no fanfare or commotion. True, the soldiers guarding the tomb got the fright of their lives. But that’s because they just got in the way! And all they saw was an angel. 


There were no witnesses, no cameras, no media, no Hollywood musical effects. No-one knows exactly what happened. But the awesome power of God entered the tomb. Perhaps it was filled with glorious light, like the Sun shining in full strength. The lifeless body of Jesus, tightly bandaged from head to foot in grave-clothes, was in an instant alive and transformed. He passed through the grave clothes and they collapsed onto the stone platform where his body had laid. The angels present worshipped him. And all heaven rejoiced.

But, apart from the soldiers who probably thought they’d seen a ghost, no-one knew. The awesome power of God had worked silently and unobtrusively.


But the effects were cosmic. The tyranny of sin, death and hell was broken. The war is won and victorious peace secured, but battles and skirmishes still continue, until Christ comes again. And 2000 years later hundreds of millions of people own allegiance to Christ.

The Bible teaches that we Christians have received the resurrection power of Christ. A lot of the time it won’t be expressed in fanfares and noise. Rather, in a transformed life; a peace that transcends all understanding; an inexpressible and glorious joy; a supernatural ability to overcome sin. The problem is, we sometimes selfishly and stupidly decide not to make use of the power God has made freely available to us. But that doesn’t alter the fact that it is available.

Have you received this resurrection power yourself. It’s not available on its own, but only as part of a relationship: a personal relationship with Christ, fostered by faith and prayer. It’s a relationship which can begin today as you reach out in faith to him, crucified and risen – for you.

© Tony Higton: see conditions for reproduction