Welcome to the Christian Teaching Resource. Tony and Patricia Higton aim to provide a wide selection of practical, user-friendly resources for clergy, ministers and lay folk which may be downloaded and used free of charge (see conditions for reproduction*). Most of them are at popular level but some are a little more academic. They are developed from over 40 years experience of ordained ministry in the Church of England, and of ministering to hundreds of churches of various denominations.

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The material on this website is divided not only into subjects but also into the following categories:

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Books for the general reader: two of them are workbooks which can be copied* and used in discussion groups.

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Site Contents: What's Available

They site includes various books written by Tony and Patricia:

The Called to Serve (discipleship) Course which has sold some 100,000 copies.

Tony’s first book “That the World may Believe” an account of how God led to be “radically biblical in the power of the Spirit” and greatly blessed them in their Essex parish.

Books on Church Development (practical resources to promote spiritual and numerical growth).

Tony’s book “Prophesy!” on his experiences in prophetic witness over 14 years nationally in the Church of England, including the General Synod, and offering advice to people wishing to carry out such ministry. He campaigned to uphold traditional belief in the virgin birth and the bodily resurrection of Christ, traditional sexual morality and the uniqueness of Christ as the only Saviour against interfaith compromise

Patricia’s book “Life after life” about the End Times.

Material to help with Evangelism and Pastoral Needs including suffering, facing death and bereavement

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The eschatology section on this website: http://www.christianteaching.org.uk/eschatology.html

His blog: http://www.christianteaching.org.uk/blog/

Twitter: @TonyHigton
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"Living in the light of the End (which is a new beginning)"
This covers the whole range of biblical teaching on the End Times and relates extensively to current events and trends. It is in two versions: FULL (more detailed and academic) and SUMMARY  (shorter, less detailed - suitable for the general reader).

The subjects covered are:

  • 1. Introduction to Eschatology
  • 2. Which aspects of the teaching of Jesus
  •     on the Mt of Olives refer to the Second
  •    Coming?
  • 3. Signs of the End
  • 4. Will there be a sudden, secret “rapture”
  •     of believers to heaven?
  • 5. Further signs of the End
  • 6. The “Great Tribulation”
  • 7. The Antichrist
  • 8. Secular eschatology – what secular
  •     scholars are predicting about the future
  •     of  the world
  • 9. The Battle of Armageddon
  • 10. Cosmic signs
  • 11. Old Testament Eschatology
  • 12. The Return of Christ
  • 13. Will there be a literal Millennium?
  • 14. End Times Judgment
  • 15. Approaching death
  • 16. Resurrection
  • 17. Destruction of the world
  • 18. The truth about Hell
  • 19. The hope of Heaven
  • 20. Understanding Revelation (opening up
  •        the Book of Revelation using
  •        summaries and simple charts)

(These papers are also on the Blog if you wish to comment on them http://www.christianteaching.org.uk/blog/)

28 Articles and 1 Book Available in this Category



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Tony & Patricia Higton

Tony Higton: Tony has been an Anglican Clergyman in Newark, Cheltenham, Essex, Jerusalem and near King’s Lynn.  God has blessed the ministry with remarkable growth in numbers and depth. The church development strategies and resources on this site issued from this experience and have been shared by Tony and Patricia at conferences around the world.

For 14 years Tony took a stand for biblical doctrine and morality in the General Synod and frequently witnessed on TV, radio and in the press.  He has also written several books, as has his wife Patricia.

Later he became General Director of the Church’s Ministry amongst Jewish People (CMJ), and also Rector of Christ Church, Jerusalem. In addition to evangelism, he emphasised reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. His Paradox email newsletter (tony@higton.info) informs Christians to pray, taking the need, pain and fears of both sides seriously.

Patricia Higton: Patricia is a theological graduate and author and was an RE teacher. She has fulfilled many parochial roles including parish prayer co-ordinator and evangelism co-ordinator. She became mission co-ordinator developing what became Time Ministries International – a church development ministry.  She ministered directly to 1000 churches and produced resources for hundreds more, organising and co-leading with Tony conferences for clergy and lay leaders on church development, in 14 countries in addition to the UK.

She became a Reader in the Church of England and has ministered in three parishes, leading a congregation in two of them. In Jerusalem she was Prayer Coordinator for the Church’s Ministry among Jewish people, edited their publications and she managed Christ Church Centre.

Tony and Patricia have now retired from stipendiary ministry but assist in rural parishes in the Diocese of Ely and created this website, employing the Church Website Design Project as webmaster.

NIV Quotations

There are a large number of Bible quotations on this site. Scriptures taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version® NIV®. Copyright© 1973, 1978, 1984 by Biblica, Inc.™ . Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide. [It is permitted to quote up to 500 NIV verses without written permission, providing they don’t form more than 25% of the total text of the work in which they are quoted. An appropriate copyright acknowledgment is required].

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