Christian Teaching Resources

Our website, includes the following resources:

Apologetics Resources Defence of Christianity, arguments for belief in God etc.

Biblical Resources Exposition of biblical passages, defence and explanation of basic beliefs.

Church Development Resources Many resources to encourage growth in depth and numerically, including:

Our “Called to Serve Course”. This sold some 100,000 copies but we want to make it freely available.

Our TIME Ministries Church Development Materials (TIME stands for Together for Intercession, Ministry and Evangelism).

Tony’s first book “That the World may Believe” an account of how God led us and greatly blessed us in our previous parish (to be added later).

Church Issues Doctrinal and moral controversies in the church, including:

a) Issues taken up through Action for Biblical Witness to our Nation (ABWON) & General Synod;

  • Upholding belief in the Virgin Birth and Bodily Resurrection of Jesus
  • Upholding traditional views on sexuality issues.
  • Combating interfaith compromise

b) Tony’s book “Prophesy!” on his experiences in prophetic witness over 14 years nationally in the Church of England including the General Synod and offering advice to people wishing to carry out such ministry.

Devotional Resources Helpful booklets and leaflets on life issues.

Eschatology Resources The doctrine of the End Times.
Including Patricia’s book “Life After Life”.

Evangelistic Resources Booklets and leaflets to help those enquiring about the Christian Faith.

Pastoral Resources Material to help with pastoral needs including suffering, facing death and bereavement.

The Uniqueness of Christ Teaching on issues raised by contact with other Faiths

Including our workbook “Jesus the only Saviour”.

Sermons and Guided Meditations.

4 thoughts on “Christian Teaching Resources

  1. I think that this resource will invaluable and I look forward to accessing it. God Bless you in this venture

  2. Thank you, Joy, we simply want it to be a gift to the body of Christ.

  3. Keith Williams on August 17, 2014 at 2:24 pm said:

    Shalom Tony, just came across an excellent series of audio cassettes of a conference of “Time Ministries International” with Walter Riggins but wondered on the date these were recorded as are so relevant for today, believing the Church has seriously lost its way, especially C of E. Yours in Christ Keith

    • Thanks for your message, Keith. I’m afraid I don’t remember the date of that conference. I remember Walter being involved. We started Time Ministries (under that title) in January 1991. Before that, it was called the ABWON Link Church Ministry. Glad the tapes are helpful.

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