HI I picked up your book “Prophesy” some time ago, but just got round to reading it on the bus today. The end of chapter 7 was a great encouragement to me as to why you stayed within the CofEconsidering what happened at the recent General Asembly of the Church of Scotland, of which I am a member, elder and Reader.
We are called to be salt and light and as a reader in the CofS I have the oppertunity to preach the “Word” most Sundays.If we leave, removing the salt and light, the church will rot and the people will be in darkness. How shall they hear without a preacher? I agree that Paul never told the saints to leave the church but work at getting the church back to the Truth. Thanks for your encouragement for me today even although the words were written in 1998. May God continue to bless your ministry.
In Christ Jesus
Jim Givan

One thought on “Church of Scotland approves Ministers in homsexual relationships

  1. Thank you for your message, Jim. I’m glad the book was helpful and that others have downloaded the book from this website (http://www.christianteaching.org.uk/Prophesy.pdf).

    You are, of course, referring to the General Assembly recently approving the ordination of practising homosexual ministers. I emphasise the word “practising” because there should be no bar to ordination for those who are simply homosexual by orientation but are not involved in homosexual behaviour. See http://www.christianteaching.org.uk/biblehomosexualpractice.pdf and http://www.christianteaching.org.uk/homosexualityandthechurch.pdf

    I respect the consciences of those who feel they must leave a church because of wrong teaching or practice. However, I think the principle of the incarnation is relevant, i.e. involvement even in the midst of sin in order to witness to the truth. There is a saying in England: “Most people in England don’t go to church. But it is the Church of England they don’t go to!” In other words, they still regard themselves as in some sense “C of E”. If they do turn to the church it will be the C of E they turn to. This is a strategic fact of life and means that, in England, the C of E has opportunities to reach people outside the church, which other denominations don’t. Obviously, I’m not saying that out of some Anglican sense of superiority – I’m simply stating fact. I don’t know if it is the same in Scotland with the Church of Scotland, but I imagine it is. On the negative side, it would therefore be tragic for the population if the church lost those who teach and practice the truth. On the positive side, I think such ministers have a great opportunity.

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